AGE Workshop for Creative Women: Contact & Character

AGE Workshop for Creative Women: Contact & Character

“Express who you are…in your relationships, in your work, in your art”

Age & Gender Equity in the Arts (AGE) is pleased to partner with Jane Geesman and Sarah Lucht in once again offering the popular Contact & Character workshop at Artists Repertory Theatre. This weekend intensive is limited to 10 women and is being offered at a special discounted rate through AGE.

Contact & Character is an experiential workshop that explores creativity and self-expression using actor-training techniques and personal development concepts. We are all creative beings, but sometimes we get stuck, muddled, unclear, or afraid, and our ability to express who we are is compromised. This workshop invites you to explore your range of expression and reconnect with your own sense of aliveness. Freer expression, renewed energy, and confidence can be realized through scene work, movement, breath work, and improvisation.

This process was developed by Jane and Sarah to provide opportunities for you to:

  • Increase your aliveness and fluidity in the creative process
  • Expand your range of personal expression
  • Build your confidence in performance – onstage and off
  • Enhance your awareness of what it means to be truly present
  • Experience meaningful connection with others – and yourself
  • Gain deeper insight into the craft of acting

Testimonials from prior participants:

“My weekend with Jane and Sarah was very affirming. Having attended the workshop during a time of personal and professional transition, I expected to feel tumultuous and fragile digging deep in a community environment. The workshop was blessedly devoid of value judgments. Instead, the gift of confidence was created with respectful space to look at my vulnerable self through a creative lens.” – BD

“Jane and Sarah’s workshop provided me with a renewed sense of self-compassion, energy, and hope. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who feels stuck or uninspired in their lives and is looking for a creativity tune-up.” – WH

“Sarah and Jane set up a compassionate learning space where we could participate in one another’s stories, creativity, and healing in safety and caring. It opens the heart.” – MF

“This sort of education/encounter lands in my gut and activates impulses. I’ve had the realization that pretty much all of Life is a creative endeavor!” – GC


Artists Repertory Theatre (Studio) 1515 SW Morrison Street Portland, OR



The cost for this weekend workshop is normally $275. Jane and Sarah are offering it through AGE at the very special price of $200.

Please RSVP Sarah ( if you are interested in attending. Remember: We’re limiting this workshop to 10 women, so reserve your spot soon!