Programs for Actors

Our classes and coaching sessions are based on the belief that exploration of the core self — with its unique emotional life and authentic energy — is the richest context for an actor’s training.  The more we investigate and manifest our inner life, our unique intelligence, and our true emotional nature, the more expressive and powerful our work as actors is, and the more fulfilling and exciting the experience for actor and audience alike.

Using amplified breath work, body-centered, experiential techniques, scene work, and constructive feedback, our aim is to cultivate:

  • Heightened emotional availability
  • Clearer sensory experience and response
  • A wider range of expression
  • The ability to express the truth of the moment
  • A greater sense of energy and presence and the ability to invest this in performance
  • Access to more creativity and connection to self and other (fellow actors, audience, and the text itself)
  • The integration of freedom with choice and form

“Jane and Sarah are tour-de-force examples of passion with a sense of humor. They offer themselves unconditionally as mentors and are not afraid to tell you when you are ‘full of it.’  I have experienced both caring attention and respect from Jane and Sarah. Beyond their talent and experience, these women have heart, and you can’t ask for anything better, in my opinion.” – Rebecca R.

“Sarah and Jane approach their classes as opportunities to share their passion with others…they give as much emotionally as they expect to get. It is impossible not to grow just from interacting with these two women, never mind having them impart their techniques in a classroom setting. ” – Lexi D.

“Having had the honor of working with both Jane and Sarah on several projects, I can honestly say that every experience was amazing. They each have a great ability to communicate and connect on a personal level. They truly share themselves fully and throw their heart and soul into every class, rehearsal and performance. Their energy and passion is absolutely contagious! Not only do they possess all the knowledge and skills as teachers, but they also are simply a joy to be around! I am more knowledgeable as actor and far richer as person for having worked with them.” – Mario C.

“Fabulous in more ways than one can express!! They are insightful, kind yet critical in a constructive  way that serves the student. They bring fun, humor, guts and grit to the workshop place. One can explore his or her own potential in a safe and honest environment.  They are both available and ready, willing and able to take a student as far as he or she has the courage to journey. I highly recommend working with these two talented and skillful women.” – Linda M.

“Working with Jane and Sarah for a year was a journey like no other. It was fun, inspiring, challenging and always rewarding! The acting sessions were intense and the breath work was relaxing and emotional, allowing access to our inner truth and feelings, which is vital for character work as well as self-discovery. A truly unique experience!”   – Anna X.

“I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to really breathe with Sarah and Jane. Because of their teaching and guidance I am constantly reminding myself to stop, breathe, receive and embrace the world of acting and beyond with an open unhindered heart.”  – Ty B.

“Sarah and Jane are fabulous teachers, period. After a few classes with them I came to regard them not only as wonderful friends, but highly respected mentors. They continue to teach me so much. I look for, and respect, their opinion of my work highly.” – Nathan C.