Programs for Attorneys

Utilizing actor-training principles, our work with attorneys provides practical skills for effective and powerful presentations.  We believe that attorneys, like actors, are ultimately storytellers.  As such, they must reach out to their audiences and present their cases with clarity, connection, and presence.  How a case is presented is a critical component of its successful outcome — and that’s where we can help.

Our presentation coaching is based on time-honored concepts we’ve gleaned from our many years as professional actors, directors, and acting teachers.  We offer our clients a fresh perspective on their own unique strengths as presenters through personal feedback, as well as experiential exercises that promote confidence and skill in the art of public speaking.

Through programs tailored to fit you or your firm’s specific needs (workshops and/or one-on-one coaching sessions), we give you the opportunity to:

  • Improve your performance style and effectiveness
  • Hone your listening and communication skills
  • Explore and energize your storytelling process
  • Understand and manage performance anxiety
  • Increase your presence and verbal fluency

“Useful for learning or fine-tuning effective courtroom preparation and presentation techniques” – Christian H., Attorney.

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending Jane and Sarah’s weekend acting workshop and working with Jane on a webinar presentation.  Both sessions were extremely helpful in helping me become more confident with my speaking style, and develop presentations that will capture my audience’s attention.  I’d highly recommend their services to anyone that has any type of public speaking in their job.” — Brian W., Employment Attorney

“ The workshop was an exciting exploration into the potential for powerful presentations.  We learned how to step out of our professional comfort zone and into real life arguments that would excite and empower jurors.  New litigators and seasoned trial attorneys alike will benefit from the instructors’ vast experiences with the human element, both on stage and in the court room.  Ultimately, the workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to build a powerful and effective presentation.”   —Bill R., Litigation Attorney

“Jane and Sarah comfortably take you out of your comfort zone and teach practical skills that people, including attorneys, need for effective communication.  I learned why, when, and how to speak, to better relate with my audience.  Highly recommended!”  —Stephan L.,  Litigation Attorney

“A lawyer’s knowledge means nothing if he or she can’t engage the audience or jury to be interested in the presentation or story, and this is  what Jane and Sarah do best.  They work gently but purposefully and have been absolutely essential in my preparation for client presentations or trial arguments and statements.”  — Mark J., Attorney

“I have worked with Jane several times in the past and she is always great to work with and provides great coaching and feedback every time.  The last workshop I attended was right before an upcoming trial and the feedback helped me go into that trial with more confidence and a good approach for my presentation to the jury.  Jane is a class act and a great person to work with.”   — Dylan B., Litigation Attorney