Programs for Self-Enhancement

As actors, we do not lose ourselves in a role.  Rather, the role becomes a means to discover and express hidden or unrealized aspects of the self.  Thus we have the opportunity to find ourselves in the role.  Using exercises, scene work, improv, and techniques from the acting studio, as well as body-centered disciplines (yoga and Reichian body work, among others), our workshops offer a unique, safe, and exciting environment in which to discover a more alive, more confident, more expressive you.  Our experiential workshops, both Contact & Character and its Canadian counterpart Act Natural, have benefited teachers, business professionals, mental-health workers, attorneys, and artists of all kinds.  Anyone who is interested in more expression and freedom in life will find value from this group process.

Through the fun and connection of actor-training exercises, you can expect to:

  • Have an increased sense of presence
  • Acquire tools for stress relief
  • Expand your vocal and physical expressiveness
  • Explore and manage “stage fright”
  • Sharpen your listening and empathetic skills
  • Learn how to engage your audience and truly communicate
  • Bring your full, unique, and vibrant self to work, relationships, and any creative endeavor

“The Contact & Character workshop was a huge turning point for me in my life…unleashing courage in myself which I’ve been squashing for a long time, and seeing and appreciating the bigger picture of Life as Theater, and giving all you got in this present moment.  It was a very, very special weekend, and by the end of it I felt larger and more present, more loving, more real.  Jane and Sarah are incredible workshop leaders/people, bringing out qualities in me I didn’t know I had.” – Marilyn J.

“This workshop was meaningful, challenging, scary, a bit magical, and a lot of fun.  I was inspired and humbled by the collective encouragement, love, and accomplishments.  I experienced a change in me that was like a gentle nudge altering the trajectory of my life’s course.  Thank you, Sarah and Jane!  You are gifted, loving, strong, and very funny women.  I highly recommend this workshop to all who want to breathe deeper and experience life more truthfully.” – Jane V.

“I signed up for Contact & Character thinking I’d learn a little bit about how actors prepare to perform. Instead I learned a whole lot about myself, about the true nature of acting, and about how intense and deep an emotional education can go when guided and protected by two wise, generous, insightful leaders.” – Roberta T.

“I took their Contact & Character workshop not because I want to be an actor (well, secretly I do, but anyway)…I took it because it isn’t just for actors, but for people wanting to explore connection and commitment and, well, yourself. For writers, this is a WONDERFUL workshop to explore scenes, character objective, and to expand your creativity. If you do public readings, this is a great workshop to help you develop strengths when you share your writing in front of an audience. And…it’s just plain FUN. Jane and Sarah are entertaining, smart, and challenging teachers.”  – Jackie H.

“I took their Act Natural workshop and LOVED it.  From my experience with Jane and Sarah, their creative exercises worked because new insights ‘snuck up’ on me. VERY IMPACTFUL.  And loads of fun.  The most fun learning I have ever had.” – Cathy M.